About Us

Humans without Borders (HWB) is a unique organization devoted to giving humanitarian and medical aid to Palestinian families living in the Occupied Territories. As a small, recognized, non-government, non-political, charitable organization in Israel (Charity Number 580493898), HWB is dedicated primarily to helping West Bank Palestinian families whose children require advanced medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. HWB was founded in 2002 by Gamila Yafit Biso who is now the President of the organization.
Humans without Borders was given official accreditation as a charity by Israel’s Ministry of Justice on 13 November 2008.
Humans without Borders was formed in response to the urgent need among Palestinian children for advanced medical care that is not available under the health care system of the Palestinian Authority. It has some 150 volunteers from all sectors of Israeli and Palestinian society and from the world community. HWB is registered with the New Israel Fund (NIF) and has received local and international media coverage. The cost of bringing  Palestinian children to Israeli hospitals is covered solely by donations to HWB from Israeli, Palestinian and foreign volunteers and supporters. This arrangement is currently strained to its limit due to the large number of families needing help. The Palestinian Authority, which previously covered the cost of medical care, though not of transportation, has withdrawn much of its support.

The key aims of Humans without Borders are:
• Transporting Palestinian children who need advanced medical treatment in Israeli hospitals
• Visiting and supporting the children and family members during hospital treatment
• Providing basic school supplies  for the Palestinian children
• Organizing leisure trips and picnics for the children and their families
• Giving practical support to these families and communities in their daily lives

Our Mission

HWB believes that it is every child’s right to grow and develop in a caring and supportive environment. HWB is committed to enhancing the safety and well-being of Palestinian children and their communities in the Occupied Territories. By promoting direct, friendly contact between Palestinians and Israelis, and through its efforts to brighten the lives of the children and ease the anxiety of their parents, HWB is regarded by both sides as contributing significantly to greater mutual respect in this troubled area.

NOTE: Human without Borders is not linked or affiliated in any manner to the organization Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. Médecins Sans Frontières and Doctors Without Borders are  trademarks registered in the name of Médecins Sans Frontières’ International office.