What We Do

Medical Care

Palestinians who are in need of medical care in Israel must first obtain entry permits from Israel’s Civil Administration. HWB helps coordinate requests for individual entry permits, which are often difficult to obtain. Our volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to meet the Palestinian families at the border check-points and escort them to and from the designated hospitals in Israel. In the hospitals, HWB volunteers facilitate communication between staff and parents and, when extended hospitalization is required, visit the children.
Israeli doctors and nurses are among the supporters of Humans without Borders.

Communication Is Essential

In addition to providing transportation, HWB volunteers play an important role during the hospital visits. Since many of the families do not speak  Hebrew or English, volunteers are able to facilitate contact between hospital staff and patients, and to deal with bureaucratic problems. While some HWB members focus on transportation, others visit the children in hospital to play with them and help with educational activities.

Hospital Visits

Palestinian children assisted by Humans without Borders receive advanced treatment in hospitals throughout the country:
• In Jerusalem at the Hadassah Medical Center, the Shaarei Zedek Medical Center, and the Alyn-Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.
• In Tel Aviv at Ichilov General Hospital.
• In Petah Tikva at the Beilinson Medical Center and Schneider Children’s Medical Center.
These hospitals have the qualified staff and specialized equipment to treat a range of serious and life-threatening diseases.

Making It Easier

For Palestinian families with children needing dialysis and cancer treatment the challenges are especially severe. HWB volunteers take these children, often four  times a week, to the major medical centers in Israel. When possible they also arrange parties and fun activities for the youngsters.

Summer Day Trips and Picnics

During the summer months Palestinian children are out of school for three long months. When there are sufficient funds, HWB organizes day outings and fun-and-games picnics for the children and their parents.

Meeting School Needs

HWB supports the purchase of basic school equipment for Palestinian families with sick children. At the beginning of the school year, funds permitting, the Palestinian families receive school bags, notebooks, crayons, coloring pens and drawing paper, as well as clothes and shoes for sports activities.

HWB has also fostered the  building of computer rooms for children in small Palestinian schools. These classrooms are stocked with second-hand equipment donated by Israeli families.

Social Interaction

In this era of barriers and fences, one of HWB’s most important goals is to create and maintain personal connections among the volunteers and the Palestinian children and parents. Such personal contact, promotes positive relations between Israelis and Palestinians, and  increases the chances of sharing a constructive future.

Gamila, the founder of Humans without Borders organizes groups  of HWB volunteers during the harvest season to join Palestinian farmers in their fields and thus  deter malicious interference by settlers.