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A Really Great Bazar

On June 9, at the "Hand in Hand" bilingual high school in Jerusalem, Humans without Borders held a fair to raise funds for the benefit of the sick children whom we assist in Humans without Borders. A substantial sum of money was raised.

The initial idea was modest and limited to a bazaar in which we would sell all sorts of used objects, to be collected from friends and associates.

But the concept quickly expanded with new intentions especially at the initiative and encouragement of Efrat Meir, the high school principal, who willingly accepted our request to host the fair.

A core team of several HWB volunteers and people from the "Hand in Hand" community, led by its community organizer planned, and coordinated the activities.

And so, on the morning of June 9, the team was busy setting up stands in the gymnasium and in the square in front of the school, for the sale of ceramic vessels, decorative objects, gently worn clothing, hand bags, home-baked cakes and cookies, seedlings, vegetables (donated by "Saving Food" organization) . And off to the side we created corners for children with a variety of creative activities and face painting and there were also corners for adults with the Ilan Lev Method (hands-on bodywork that addresses body aches, pains, and movement imbalances), yoga, and more.

A highlight of the day was the performance of the women of the "Pirates Pirates" group, eight dancers who delivered a cheerful performance for an entire hour.

The atmosphere during the four hours of the fair was relaxed and pleasant and the time flew by with pleasure. We emphasize that all the activities were done completely voluntarily.

At the information booth about Humans without Borders, financial donations were collected, and several new volunteers were registered. Further, people who had heard about the fair and were unable to attend expressed their support for our activities by donating through our website.

In light of the success of the fair and the splendid cooperation between the "Hand in Hand" and "Humans without Borders" volunteers, we intend to make the fair an annual tradition.


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