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Hadassah Jacobs

Volunteers at Humans Without Borders since 2012.

What Keeps You Busy?

I was involved in education. I was a teacher and principal in a high school. I also worked in theater. 16 years ago, I founded the "Theater in the Yard" in our family compound in Nataf.

How Did You Get Involved in Humans without Borders?

After my daughter died of cancer, I sought a supportive cushion in which I could volunteer. I heard about the NGO and it suited me very well, both because I have a great interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also because of the opportunity the organization provides to try and save other children.

What Do You Do in the Organization?

I regularly drive children and their accompanying adults, both on the route between the 300 checkpoint and Shaare Zedek Hospital and from Augusta Victoria Hospital to the Qalandiya checkpoint and back. In October 2021, the annual event honoring the organization's volunteers was held at the "Theatre in the Yard".

What Does Volunteering Mean to You?

It is important for me to be active and not stand on the sidelines. The Palestinian population has a terrible fate: the occupation, government corruption, poverty, disease − a combination that is horrible to me and cries out for involvement. The need is real and deep and therefore also is the motivation to persevere in voluntary activities.

What Are the Challenges of Volunteering in Humans Without Borders?

One challenge is the tension between the need to maintain a low profile, taking into account the needs and sensitivities of the families we assist on the one hand, and the need to recruit volunteers and other resources for the organization's activities, a need that requires exposure and public relations. Another challenge is related to the need to maintain boundaries related to the organization's activities, to its declared goals, in the face of the desire, at times, to respond to burning hardships that go beyond the organization's range of assistance and capabilities.

How Would You Describe Humans without Borders?

This is an organization that maintains a modest profile, without megalomania, a group of people who want to do good.


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