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Leontine Veerman

Journalist, Content Manager

Since When Have You Been Involved in Humans without Borders

Around 2010

Why HWB?

The status quo in Israel is begging for some form of response. Vis a vis the ongoing occupation one cannot stay quiet and passive. Through the years I looked for suitable ways to express my opposition, frustration and anger, and for ways to legitimize my presence in Israel. I wrote articles, I took part in demonstrations, and I volunteered for several organizations. In HWB I found a real sense of meaning and purpose. In HMW ideology and solidarity with the Palestinian population is translated into concrete steps and practical activities that have immediate relevance.

What Do You Do In HWB?

Until he passed away, I drove Abdallah and his mother from the hospital to the checkpoint once a week. Covid and personal circumstances did not allow me to continue driving, but I hope to return to it soon. In addition I am involved with the newsletter and other PR initiatives of the organization.

What Does Volunteering Mean to You?

Despite the occupation, we on our side of the Green line live comfortable lives. Volunteering means first of all being confronted through personal contacts with the grim reality on the other side of the line. It means being reminded again and again of the injustice, the trampling of (human) rights, and the need to work for chance.

What Are the Challenges of Volunteering for HWB?

That would be language, both on a personal and organizational level. In order to communicate with the Palestinian families, I started learning Arabic. And in order to evolve within HWB, I need to improve my Hebrew.

How Would You Describe HWB?

Humans without Borders is an organization that in a quiet, delicate and discrete way supports Palestinian families who find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. For the care and survival of their children, they have to cross the checkpoints on a daily basis and depend on Israeli’s and Israeli institutions.


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