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Alona Baidani Auerbach

Alona Baidani Auerbach

Involved with Humans without Borders since 2007.

What Keeps You Busy?

I teach Hebrew at the Hebrew University and in the Omega Academy in

Sheih Jarach, East Jerusalem. I am also a text editor in Hebrew,

Why HWB?

The activities in this NGO provide direct humanitarian help and support. They enable me to act according to my values and conduct an active engagement meeting with people who live under circumstances that don't allow us to get to know them otherwise. Despite holding a fulltime job, it is very important for me to volunteer as well.

What Do You Do for HWB

I drive people from the checkpoints to hospitals, I participate in the preparation and organization of days of joyful outdoor activities and a variety of activities for the families and volunteers, and I am a member of the review committee of the board.

What Does Volunteering Mean to You?

It is my personal stance and political commitment, trying, as much as possible, to help people in need to gain access to medical help and treatment, that are not available or insufficiently developed or not accessible due to the occupation.

What Are the Challenges of Volunteering for HWB?

To continue to provide a stable basis for volunteering. To widen and enlarge the circle of volunteers, assisting people in need. To overcome the bureaucratic difficulties and

hindrances that do not allow us to hold days of joyful outdoor activities in

Israel, and to visit the patients and their families in Israel, as well.

How Would you Describe HWB?

This NGO provides direct humanitarian help by driving sick patients and their families from the checkpoints to the hospitals and back. By means of these volunteer activities

the families and the volunteers develop friendship, understanding and social

support. The activities of this NGO are based on volunteering, they are

undertaken with remarkable thrift, and they are so special because of

the high commitment of the volunteers.


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