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Eyal Arad

Eyal Arad

Volunteers at Humans Without Borders since 2019.

Occupational background: Until 2016, I was involved in systems analysis and software development and quality processes in a large international company.

Why Humans without Borders

After I retired, I sought volunteering activities. I was looking for an opportunity to help people, and to establish direct contact with them. The plight of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian individual speaks to me. The conduct of the authorities in the face of this distress (in general and especially at that time) made me want to break the cycle, make meaningful contact on a personal level, help with something, and show myself and them that there is another possibility.

How Are You Active in the NGO?

Driving families, coordinating trips, development and maintenance of a trip coordination application.

What Does Volunteering Mean to You?

Please see my response to the first question, and in addition - at the end of each trip you can feel that you have done something, given something and received something in return.

What Are the Challenges Posed by Volunteering in the NGO?

As a transportation coordinator my challenge is to find the balance between striving for orderly and efficient management and addressing the needs and adversities of the children and families.

How Would You Describe Humans Without Borders?

A humane organization, friendly, focused on fulfilling its purpose, lacking arrogance.


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