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Mothers' Workshop 2022

In January 2022, a small group of volunteers from Humans without Borders decided to reactivate workshops for Palestinian mothers held while the children undergo daily dialysis at Augusta Victoria Hospital.

Nimala Kharoufeh, a well-being coach from East Jerusalem, has been assisting the mothers during the long hours of waiting, while their children receive dialysis. During the group session she helps them create the space to share their feelings and draw strength, hope and comfort from one another. This is important not only for self-care but also in order to enable them to take care of other family members - spouses and other children, sometimes also chronically ill. In a family setting where the women are traditionally more accustomed to constantly being on the giving end, we enable them to focus, for one hour a week, on their needs.

Each session focuses on various aspects of well-being-physical, emotional and spiritual, including breathing exercises, stretching, yoga, guided imagery, art and verbal sharing. Light refreshments are served and for one hour in their otherwise almost unbearably taxing week, the mothers are being served, nourished and lovingly taken care of. All of the above-mentioned self-care methods are so simple and readily available, so that the mothers can learn to use them in between sessions, in their home environment, without any additional costs or effort.

Alexandra Klein-Franke


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