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Shoshana London-Sappir

Shoshana London-Sappir
Shoshana London-Sappir

Profession: translator

When did you join HWB?

I joined HWB as a driver in 2020.

What does volunteering mean to you?

I have developed relationships with some of the families and become attached to them. It is a very special experience to help people in a real, useful way at a very difficult time in their lives, in the middle of a conflict in which we are on opposing sides. Parents I drive have told me our help saves them as much as an hour and a half in each direction compared to taking public transportation. I have shared the joys of families whose children had successful kidney transplants and got off dialysis, and the griefs of others who lost their struggle with disease. In either case we continue to send each other holiday greetings long after they stop using our driving services.

What do you find as advantage in volunteering through HWB?

I have found it useful that the system is flexible and allows me to volunteer as much or as little as I see fit. I usually drive between once and three times a week.


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