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The Ramadan Canon

Ramadan canon in Jerusalem
Ramadan canon in Jerusalem

On a Friday evening in late January 2019 about 70 volunteers of "Humans Without Borders" converged on the Jerusalem Cinematheque for the annual gathering our supporters.

As part of a standing tradition, before the screening, we mingled over drinks and delicious homemade cakes. We had a lot to chat about as we usually only meet a few times a year; at our annual meeting or fun days arranged for the children and their families. It was especially heart-warming to be able to talk about the various children and their families and share our experiences while driving them to and from the checkpoints and the hospitals. Needless to say, we commiserated about the sad passing away of dear Kassem and of course were delighted to share little Mohamed's successful transplant.

What a wonderful feeling it was to all file into the cinema and sit among friends to watch the movie, "The Ramadan Canon" – an unusual documentary co directed by Nimrod Shanit and Atta Awisat – in which Rajae Sanduka struggles with the daily hardships of a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem during the Holy month of the Ramadan, upholding 120 years old family legacy firing a cannon twice a day. To express his frustration, he stages a satirical play mocking his circumstances.

The discussion after the screening with Nimrod Shanait was interesting as the audience asked challenging questions which further enlightened our understanding of this moving film.

While watching the film, I couldn't help feeling what an incredibly beautiful, heart wrenching city we live in where, with all the trials and tribulations, there are people out there trying to make this a better place after all.

Elene Segal


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