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Tuvia Metzer

Married, father of 3 and grandfather of 9.

How do/did you earn a living?

I studied Middle East studies and Public Management. For years I worked as a manager at several branches of Bank HaPoalim in Jerusalem, and I retired 5 years ago. Today, in addition of the roll as grandfather, I study Yiddish language and culture, as well as Biblical studies.

How did you become involved with HWB?

I was active in "Peace Now" for about 20 years, and through a friend I got to learn about HWB. I decided to join HWB because I was looking for a more personal connection with the Palestinian people. Also, I felt the need to compensate them in some way for their terrible life under the occupation for such a long time.

What do you do as volunteer?

I drive kids at least twice a week. In the past, I regularly took Amir, Qassem and Muhammad to Shaeri Zedek Hospital. During these years, the connection with the children and their families became very intimate. It was (and is) helped by the fact that I speak Arabic. I have a very close relationship with Rafat, Amir's father, lasting to this very day. Even while he and Amir were staying in Turkey for Amir’s kidney transplant, I spoke with Rafat on the phone every week.

As you can understand, the deaths of both Amir and Qassem were very painful for me. That is why these days I prefer to drive randomly, mainly the Qalandia - Augusta Victoria route. Nevertheless, I am in touch a lot with the father of Maher, a new baby girl whom I drive to Augusta Victoria for dialysis. I was active in collecting donations for the family, so that the mother could take a pregnancy test before her younger (healthy) daughter was born. The disease that Maher suffers from can now be detected by prenatal genetic tests.

What is the importance of volunteering?

First of all the shuttles are important to the children and their families themselves. They have to travel a long way each day. But the trips are also important for the volunteers. I feel this is the minimum that I can contribute to help bringing about a better future.


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