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Varda Edwards

Industrial and Management Engineer, formerly Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration at the Ministry of Economy. Volunteers at "Humans Without Borders" since 2019.

Why Humans without Borders?

I find here an opportunity to help families in severe distress, families dealing with seriously ill children.

How Are You Active in the NGO?

I drive children with their parents from the border crossings (checkpoints) to the hospitals in Jerusalem or back from the hospitals after receiving treatment.

What Does Volunteering Mean to You?

This volunteering allows me to help suffering families, who are forced to care for very sick children within the complex situation created by the political reality in the area. Their children are unable to receive the required treatment in the Palestinian Authority's medical institutions, so they are forced to travel, usually several times a week, to hospitals in Jerusalem. Since they cannot cross the checkpoints in their own vehicles, they are forced to travel by public transport or expensive taxis. Transporting them from the checkpoints to the hospitals and back. It is a great help for them. And for me it is a simple and humane act.

What Are the Challenges Posed by Volunteering in the Organization?

My investment, as a volunteer, is relatively small and the compensation received by helping families and children is large and important. I assume that there are other families in need of such or similar help and expanding the number of volunteers will make it possible to provide help to more children and parents who require such assistance.

How Would You Describe Humans Without Borders as an Organization?

This is a group of good and caring people who do not turn a blind eye to the grief and distress of Palestinian families facing great difficulties, but rather they support them. Beyond physical assistance, it is also an expression of support and empathy.


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