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Medical Assistance

Over the past two years, Humans without Borders has expanded its activities by funding the purchase of medical supplies that the Palestinian Authority no longer agrees to provide – purchasing medicines and medical equipment and paying directly to hospitals for life-saving medical procedures.

We have been scrambling to cover these expenses which, until recently, were totally unexpected and unbudgeted. Until recently, this has been done by dipping into our limited resources and raising money among our caring volunteers.

Project Rozana, one of our major supporters, has now budgeted dedicated funds for such projects. And we hope that we can convince other contributors to follow in their footsteps.

The requests are amazingly varied and have involved the purchase of items as minor as batteries for a child’s hearing aid all the way to life-saving surgery that the PA has termed as “cosmetic” in nature.

We have successfully participated in the funding of surgery for several children at Jordan Hospital in Amman. In the case of kidney transplants, the PA only covers the cost of surgery and hospitalization and requires that the family, bear the cost of most medications, post-surgical testing and even lodgings for the father while the mother (the donor) and child are hospitalized. This is where we step in and assist the family who could not possibly cover the expenses involved.


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